Episode 25: Mistakes Were Made

“Sometimes the armour response to my thoughts before I even know what i’m thinking”

Iron Lad

Episode 30: Walling Crawls Deck-celsior

We continue our review of the Rise of Red Skull box by discussing Spider-Woman’s deck. This hero requires finesse, but she is a (venom) blast to play! IntroMarvel Musings with MattDaily Bugle NewsroomGameplay CornerMain Topic: Spider-Woman ReviewOutroPatreonFacebookWebsiteDiscordYouTube
  1. Episode 30: Walling Crawls
  2. Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows
  3. Episode 28.5: Wasp Hottakes
  4. Episode 28: Anniversary Special
  5. Episode 27: Hulk is Hulk

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