Episode 25: Mistakes Were Made

“Sometimes the armour response to my thoughts before I even know what i’m thinking”

Iron Lad

Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows Deck-celsior

Rise of Red Skull is finally out! We discuss Hawkeye, the first hero in the box, and all the new cards included in his starter deck. Did Leadership finally get the boost it needed? Plus, we give spoiler-free first impressions of the scenarios in the campaign.IntroMarvel Musings with MattDaily Bugle NewsroomGameplay CornerMain Topic: Hawkeye ReviewOutroFacebookWebsiteYouTubePatreonDiscord
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  5. Episode 26: Requiem for an X-Man

Episode 18: Pictures of Spider-Man

“There is such a things as being too much of a Hero”

Anyone after trying Heroic 3 in Marvel Champions

It’s time to be heroic.  It’s time to take on a challenge.  In this episode, we discuss heroic mode!  We talk strategy, deck-building, and how many times it has kicked our butts.  Is it possible to end such evil endeavors?  Excelsior!

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Gameplay Corner: Heroic Mode

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