Episode 25: Mistakes Were Made

“Sometimes the armour response to my thoughts before I even know what i’m thinking”

Iron Lad

Episode 37: Make the Call – Preparing for the Future Deck-celsior

In this very special episode, Sam, Connor, and Matt sit down with the designers of Marvel Champions, Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs! They discuss the wave 2 releases, the current state of the game, and look forward to the Guardians of the Galaxy's hero packs!
  1. Episode 37: Make the Call – Preparing for the Future
  2. Episode 36: We are Groot
  3. Episode 35: Spiritual Aggravation
  4. Episode 34: Villains: A Grand Master-Class
  5. Episode 33: Fresh Kicks: Conner’s Kooky Quartet

Episode 18: Pictures of Spider-Man

“There is such a things as being too much of a Hero”

Anyone after trying Heroic 3 in Marvel Champions

It’s time to be heroic.  It’s time to take on a challenge.  In this episode, we discuss heroic mode!  We talk strategy, deck-building, and how many times it has kicked our butts.  Is it possible to end such evil endeavors?  Excelsior!

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Gameplay Corner: Heroic Mode

Main Topic: Heroic Mode