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  • Episode 23: Secret Tentacles

    29th June 2020 by

    “I Am the Emptiness Outside all Understanding” Shuma-Gorath (also Caleb when asked “what does “you” means in this game?”) It’s feeling fishy in this episode as we welcome Scott from Mythos Busters!  We talk what we’ve been playing and answer some new-player questions, particulary those questions that come from veterans from FFG’s other co-op LCGs.… Read more

  • Episode 21: Critical Guest

    31st May 2020 by

    You ain’t gonna think life’s so funny pal… Once I’ve covered you in paste! Paste-pot Pet This is Marvel Champions, and as we all know, where there are heroes, there are villains! It just wouldn’t work without them! So listeners join us as we welcome a very special guest, the villainous Vardean (Steve) from the… Read more

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