Episode 17.5: Rise of Red Skull Hottakes, or the great EEEEEEEEEE!

“Freedom is only for the one who rules! All others must be slaves!”

The Red Skull

It’s finally announced! The first campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: Rise of the Red Skull! Join us as we give our hottakes on this highly anticipated product announcement. With two new heroes and five new scenarios, there’s a lot to discuss. Also, the best flavor text to ever be on a card! What is it? Listen and find out. Disagree? Join us on our discord for discussion!

Episode 13: Strange Bargains

Dormammu, I’ve come to bargain

Dr. Strange

Hello True Believers! And welcome to this most majestic new Deck-Celsior Episode. We have a full agenda today with some very interesting news! More than anything, we are announcing our Patreon. So click and join and any tier you want! Contributing to it will really help us keep getting better!

In other news, Doctor Strange has been announced, and we have invoke our mystic powers to discuss the first previewed cards. How do we think he will impact the game?

And finally, we did a live deckbuilding. By the result of our polls, we went for a Ms. Marvel deck, choosing aggression. While Sam happily builds his own version of a Hulk deck, the rest of us get into heated (but always fun!) discussions on how to build the best Ms. Marvel aggression deck. It was a really fun to this, and we hope you listeners join in on the discussion! Who is right? Who is Wong? Would you do it differently? Let us know on the Discord!

Our Ms. Marvel aggression deck: https://marvelcdb.com/deck/view/14250
Sam’s Ms. Marvel Hulk deck: https://marvelcdb.com/deck/view/14248

Episode 9.5: Thor Hottakes

“Fortunately, I am mighty!”

Thor Odinson

Thor has been previewed and the God of Thunder looks to be mighty fun to play with. So, join Matt, Sam, Ben and Carlos (John’s energy was being used by Thor to pay for Lightning Strike), as we discuss some of the most important cards revealed during the latest FFG stream. And remember, to check out our social media and discord so you can join in the discussion!

Episode 1: Secret Origins

My name’s Norman Osborn. This is my office you trashed and my people you smacked around. Would you like to have a drink and talk about it?

— Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

Welcome to the first episode of Deck-celsior!, a podcast about the Marvel Champions LCG by Fantasy Flight Games!  Join John, Matt, Ben, Sam, and Carlos as they discuss news, review cards, and talk about this amazing game!  Excelsior!

In this introductory episode we take some time to talk about ourselves, why are we excited for this game and where do we see it going. We also take sometime to discuss the latest, the announcement of the Green Goblin Villain pack. How much should we fear Norman Osborn?