Episode 21: Critical Guest

You ain’t gonna think life’s so funny pal… Once I’ve covered you in paste!

Paste-pot Pet

This is Marvel Champions, and as we all know, where there are heroes, there are villains! It just wouldn’t work without them! So listeners join us as we welcome a very special guest, the villainous Vardean (Steve) from the Critical Encounters podcast. A podcast devoted to exploring the game from the point of view of the real protagonist of the comics, the ever-scheming villains. Not only do we highly recommend you guys check it out, but we thank him for joining us in this very special episode were we discuss the modular sets that come in the Green Goblin Scenario Pack.

Episode 17.5: Rise of Red Skull Hottakes, or the great EEEEEEEEEE!

“Freedom is only for the one who rules! All others must be slaves!”

The Red Skull

It’s finally announced! The first campaign expansion for Marvel Champions: Rise of the Red Skull! Join us as we give our hottakes on this highly anticipated product announcement. With two new heroes and five new scenarios, there’s a lot to discuss. Also, the best flavor text to ever be on a card! What is it? Listen and find out. Disagree? Join us on our discord for discussion!