Episode 22: Lighting Bolt

“I want to have fun on my birthday”- Carlos

“No! HAHAHAHA”- Green Goblin

Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows Deck-celsior

Rise of Red Skull is finally out! We discuss Hawkeye, the first hero in the box, and all the new cards included in his starter deck. Did Leadership finally get the boost it needed? Plus, we give spoiler-free first impressions of the scenarios in the campaign.IntroMarvel Musings with MattDaily Bugle NewsroomGameplay CornerMain Topic: Hawkeye ReviewOutroFacebookWebsiteYouTubePatreonDiscord
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  5. Episode 26: Requiem for an X-Man

Episode 20: Make the Call – Developers Assemble!

What do you want little man?

-The Hulk

We’ve got two very special guests this week: co-designers for Marvel Champions Caleb Grace and Michael Boggs! We talk about design decisions, Hulk and Dr. Strange, The Rise of the Red Skull campaign box, and even get a couple hint at spoilers. What goes on in the A.I.M. FFG offices where they develop this amazing game? Listen to find out! And remember to head to our Discord to discuss this episode and everything Marvel Champions.

We’ve like to thanks Caleb and Michael a bunch for joining us! Excelsior!