Introducing Deck-Celsior! Video Content Weekly!

Hello True Believers! Ever since a while ago some of the team members of this podcast have been consistently producing video content of this game. It available on Youtube! But from now on, once per week, we will post some highlights here, to make easier on you guys to keep up.

Deck-celsior! 4-player Expert Progression series: Part 1, Expert Rhino

Follow us as we take on the expert villains in 4 player in progression mode! For those that don’t have experience with LCGs, progression means that you fight encounters in order of publication, while only using players cards that where available at a time. In the case of the core set Villains, this means wecannot use cards from upcoming expansion such as Captain American and Mrs. Marvel.

John’s Solo Progression series: Part 3, Klaw Standard

Full youtube playlist Link:

Since a couple of weeks ago, John is doing progression in True Solo mode. recommended viewing, and it should be interesting to compare how different the game is in 1 player to 4 players!

Sam’s Deck Spotlight: Who Needs the Panther anyway?

This deck started as joke, as due to sheer bad luck Sam was unable to play Wakanda Forever a single time during a full 4 player game. This gave him the idea of building a Black Panther deck did not rely at all on his upgrades and the amazing Wakanda Forever. Did he come up with something good? Watch to find out!

We hope you guys enjoy these videos! And keep checking for more amazing Marvel Champions content. Onwards and Upwards!

Episode 7: Deck-celsior Academy

“If a ninja master confronts you head on, that means that other ninjas are going to attack you from the sides and from behind”

Logan (Wolverine)

It’s launch day!  To celebrate, this week Matt, Carlos, John, Sam and Ben take some time off from fighiting evil-doers to hop into the classrooms of the Deck-Celsior Academy and give you some new-player tips to make you a super player at Marvel Champions.  Enjoy beating up those baddies!  Excelsior!

If you disagree or would like to discuss this tips you can join us on our discord (or any of other Marvel Champions related social media).
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