Episode 28: Anniversary Special

In this special episode, we look back as well as forward as we celebrate our one-year anniversary as a podcast!  We discuss the newest Ant-Man spoilers, listen to interviews with the listeners from LCGCon, discuss our favorite moments from the past year, and more!  Please note, there are a few technical issues.  Excelsior!

Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows Deck-celsior

Rise of Red Skull is finally out! We discuss Hawkeye, the first hero in the box, and all the new cards included in his starter deck. Did Leadership finally get the boost it needed? Plus, we give spoiler-free first impressions of the scenarios in the campaign.IntroMarvel Musings with MattDaily Bugle NewsroomGameplay CornerMain Topic: Hawkeye ReviewOutroFacebookWebsiteYouTubePatreonDiscord
  1. Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows
  2. Episode 28.5: Wasp Hottakes
  3. Episode 28: Anniversary Special
  4. Episode 27: Hulk is Hulk
  5. Episode 26: Requiem for an X-Man

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