Episode 23: Secret Tentacles

“I Am the Emptiness Outside all Understanding”

Shuma-Gorath (also Caleb when asked “what does “you” means in this game?”)

Episode 30: Walling Crawls Deck-celsior

We continue our review of the Rise of Red Skull box by discussing Spider-Woman’s deck. This hero requires finesse, but she is a (venom) blast to play! IntroMarvel Musings with MattDaily Bugle NewsroomGameplay CornerMain Topic: Spider-Woman ReviewOutroPatreonFacebookWebsiteDiscordYouTube
  1. Episode 30: Walling Crawls
  2. Episode 29: EEEEEEEEEEEEE Arrows
  3. Episode 28.5: Wasp Hottakes
  4. Episode 28: Anniversary Special
  5. Episode 27: Hulk is Hulk

It’s feeling fishy in this episode as we welcome Scott from Mythos Busters!  We talk what we’ve been playing and answer some new-player questions, particulary those questions that come from veterans from FFG’s other co-op LCGs. Thanks for joining us, Scott!  Excelsior!

If you disagree or would like to discuss our strategies and opinions you can join us on our discord (or any of other Marvel Champions related social media).
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/dXWBhSx

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