Deck-Celsior! Video Content Weekly (Sort of)

Hello everyone! I have gotten pretty behind with updating the video content here. Sorry it is mostly work and life stuff (and a little too much Runeterra in my free time). But anyways, we have TONS of new content up on youtube, which we really hope you enjoy!

John’s Solo Progression series: Part 8, 9 and 10.

Just in time for the new Wrecking Scenario to arrive, John’s finishes his progression run through the Green Goblin Scenario pack, completing all the scenarios in normal and expert, while also using all of the modular sets that came with the pack.

In our last Episode (Episode 13:Strange Bargains), we did a live deckbuild of a Ms. Marvel Agression build. We had a ton of dicussion and theories about what cards to put in and what quantity. So Sam has put the deck to test and I joined in for some commentary! It was a ton of fun and we both learned some interesting lessons!

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