Deck-Celsior! Video Content Weekly (Sort of)

Deck-celsior! 4-player Expert Beatdown series: Volume 2, Expert Klaw

We continue our 4-player expert beatdown by taking on Klaw elite, arguable the hardest core-set encounter. Yeah Yeah… I know I promised this was going to be a progression-type thing. But, we got new heroes we were itching to play, so we decided on the most fun option. (Pro-tip: when playing games, even more so with coops, the most fun option is the best option).

John’s Solo Progression series: Part 6 and 7, Ultron Expert and Risky Business Standard.

FINALLY!! Says John as he climbs the mountain that is his core-set progression series where he decided to lock himself into She-Hulk to take down all version of the villains. And he does it! Amazing ain’t he, dear listeners? Watch as he finally take down Expert Ultron and moves into the Green Goblin scenario pack, now with access to new heroes.

Sam’s Deck Spotlight: Captain America “Anger Management”

In ENRAGES me (see what I did there) that the Enraged! player card had an overall negative response from the community, with a good deal of people giving it sad faces on our community pool in the Marvel Champions Facebook group. While I understand from where many people are coming from, this is definetely a fun card, and one whose design I love. But fear not fellow appreciators of the Rage, Sam’s has gone and done a deck featuring this card, and shown that it can be to put use!

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