Episode 8: Make the Call – Caleb Grace

…We need to connect with the public–on a personal level.

Norman Osborn, Director of H.A.M.M.E.R.

In this episode we sit down with the one, the only, Caleb Grace!  We get insight on the history of the game’s development, card design, and get into some rule clarifications.  Thank you so much for joining us Caleb!  Excelsior!

2 thoughts on “Episode 8: Make the Call – Caleb Grace

  1. Hi guys,
    enjoying the podcast tremendously and it’s amazing you got Caleb Grace on an episode!
    If I may bring up a bit of a consideration on the editing side, your recordings could benefit from stronger compression (a piece of advice I wish somebody told me years ago… the Compressor effect is a lifesaver) – I listen on public transport, so the volume is cranked way up and your guys’ laughter becomes the loudest thing ever. This adjustment could help level the whole recording out and make for an even more pleasant experience 🙂
    Thanks and looking forward to the next episode!


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