Episode 1: Secret Origins

My name’s Norman Osborn. This is my office you trashed and my people you smacked around. Would you like to have a drink and talk about it?

— Norman Osborn (Green Goblin)

Welcome to the first episode of Deck-celsior!, a podcast about the Marvel Champions LCG by Fantasy Flight Games!  Join John, Matt, Ben, Sam, and Carlos as they discuss news, review cards, and talk about this amazing game!  Excelsior!

In this introductory episode we take some time to talk about ourselves, why are we excited for this game and where do we see it going. We also take sometime to discuss the latest, the announcement of the Green Goblin Villain pack. How much should we fear Norman Osborn?

6 thoughts on “Episode 1: Secret Origins

  1. Great episode. Seems like there is a good variety of hosts with what they want with the game. Good luck going forward. One minor suggestion is to try to have the hosts volume levels about the same for future episodes.

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    1. Hey Magtam! We are in the process of being approved by iTunes. We don’t have an exact time-frame, as it is up to how long it takes the actual humans at iTunes to listen to and approve the show.


  2. I agree that the mix was riding the border of being un-listenable. I unfortunately skipped portions of the podcast, especially those by Sam who sounded like he was at the bottom of a well with a bandana around his mouth. Thank you for your love of this game that I excited to explore going forward!


    1. Hey man, thanks for your comments. I would like to say that we have made much effort in improving the sound quality, as this was a first time for all of us. Check out the latest episodes and let us know what you think!!


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